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N7AS Wireless Presents...

Motorola "Q™ 9c" for SprintPCS!

Motorola Q

The MOTO Q™ 9c is the latest offering from Sprint that brings you forward-thinking technology in a cutting-edge design. Add the power of Sprint's high-speed network, affordable monthly data plans and special features available only from Sprint, and you've got everything you need to stay in touch and stay entertained - all in one pocket-sized device.

Windows Mobile 6 Software
With great productivity tools for mobile professionals, Windows Mobile 6 several features allowing you to stay connected to your business and personal data on the go. Windows Mobile 6 supports many forms of email including HTML, mobile versions of Microsoft Applications including editing capabilities, and the ability to easily transfer your digital multimedia from your Windows-based PC to your device.

Wireless high-speed data capable
Where coverage is available, experience broadband–like download speeds using EV-DO technology. The average download speeds range from 400 to 700 Kbps with peak rates up to 2 Mbps.

Microsoft ActiveSync®
Updated ActiveSync® technology (version 4.5) offers one of the best PC to mobile device sync experiences, making it easier to configure with faster data transfer and sync accuracy.

GPS enabled
View your approximate location and use available applications to navigate roadways throughout the country.

Long Battery Life
Up to 7.2 hours of continuous talk time with included Extended Battery.

Bluetooth® Version 2.0

Motorola "Q" Homescreens!

Here are some Homescreens I have installed on my MOTO Q™

My latest!


Black4B Homescreen

This Homescreen replaces the standard MRU plugin with a
"Static Shortcut plugin" which is customizable on the Q9c.
Works ONLY with the Sprint Q9c

Requires Orange.dll and VZW HomeScreenNotificationPlugin.dll

Download: Black 4B Homescreen ( 241 downloads )

Here's a Tip:
If you want to use the Customized Static Shortcuts with your existing homescreens, just replace the MRU plugin with the following:
NOTE: Works ONLY with Q9c

<!-- Static Shortcuts -->
<plugin clsid="{D79E963B-2730-499c-A2CA-E48F383E6417}" name="startmru">


Custom Homescreen

Requires Orange.dll and VZW HomeScreenNotificationPlugin.dll

Download: Black 4A Homescreen ( 198 downloads )

Download: HomeScreenPlugin Pkg ( 264 downloads )

This download contains all the required plugins.

Here are some MUST HAVE downloads:

CandleLight.CAB ( 213 downloads ) Note: Don't install on Q9C (not needed)

InboxExtender.CAB ( 234 downloads )

Orange.dll CAB Install ( 294 downloads )

Moto Q Reset Button ( 173 downloads )

Homescreen Download Page



Clark County, Vancouver, WA

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About This Feed...
The Live Audio Feed you are are about to listen to is being Broadcast from my Uniden BCT15 Scanner located in my home. There will not always be constant Audio, as you know with Police Scanners sometime's there is no activity at the present Moment. The Scanner is programmed to hear the Clark County, WA Trunked Radio System in Vancouver, WA.
Thanks for Tuning in.

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